About company
Balt Risk was founded in 1999 as a daughter enterprise of the German company “IGK Wirtschaftsinformationen und Marketing-Service GmbH”. Our activities are concentrated mainly in the sphere of credit management services, including debt collection and credit information. The main goal of the company is to help the creditors to solve in a civil way problems connected to delayed payments. The range of our customers include wholesale companies, telecommunication operators, credit institutions, big manufacturers and service enterprises.

Balt Risk is:
  • Member in the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals ACA International.
  • Member of Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Balt Risk presently is an acknowledged leader in the sphere of on-line credit management technologies – company continuously invests into development of new products and technologies. Due to implementation of this policy company is able to offer unique products, which at this stage do not have analogues in the Latvian market. The second priority of our activity is service to other companies and enterprises according to “outsourcing” principle. In this case the aim of Balt Risk is to overtake all the functions connected with postponed payment operations.

The most important implemented projects
  • Information portal RiskNet – the most significant investments in Balt Risk development history. At this stage portal is the widest on-line credit information source in the Baltic area.
  • RiskList debt register – the first on-line debtor register in Latvia, where the debts are registered before third parties become involved in the collection process.
  • IKSANO ICC-DC Debtors Database – international data base where air navigation structures from 11 states enter information about their debtors.
  • Payment administration service - provides timely payment of the bills, improves payment discipline as well as cash flow amount and quality.
Collection application
Here you can send debt collection application.
We remind you, that this service is available only after signing of the contract.

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