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International credit reports
Information Portal RiskNet provides access to the credit information from more than 150 countries worldwide.
EUROGATE credit report
If you need detailed information about your foreign partner, order EUROGATE credit report, which includes the following data:
1. Official information about the company, including the information about the founders and officials as well as the structure of the share package.
2. All the information related to operational details of the company, including information about the daughter companies, bankers, export markets.
3. Financial information, including loss/profit statement and basic financial indicators.
4. Credit rating and credit recommendations for further cooperation, including the amount of the recommended credit sum.
In addition, EUROGATE financial report includes the trade morality evaluation and the evaluation of the payment speed.
You can receive international credit reports EUROGATE both online and offline depending on the chosen country.
Also, depending on the company type and country of location there are three types of credit reports to be ordered:
1.  Online Y – credit report is delivered to your computer screen.
2.  Online E – credit report is in one hour time delivered to your computer screen.
3.  Offline – credit report is delivered to your E-mail address in a period of several days (exact duration depends on the country).
For the companies located in UK it is possible to obtain a wider range of services: four levels of credit reports, business partner and customer monitoring, report with AUGUR score, etc.
Collection application
Here you can send debt collection application.
We remind you, that this service is available only after signing of the contract.

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