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Legal services
Balt Risk offers wide spectrum of legal services for all stages of cooperation with the debtor.
Legal support: 
  • writing of agreements and other documents;
  • consulting.
Modification in the statute documents: 
  • preparation of Statutes;
  • registration in the Commercial Register;
  • repeated registration in the Commercial Register;
  • preparation of other Statute documentation.
Judicial dunning  
  • interim measures before filing the claim and arrest of the debtor’s movable and immovable property and money facilities;
  • preparation of the statement of claim and submission to court;
  • representation of interests in the court;
  • receiving of the court award and debt collection enforcement.
Insolvency process: 
  • preparation of the documents before court;
  • submission to the court of the insolvency claim;
  • representation of the interests in the court;
  • preparation of the creditor’s claim and submission of the claim to administrator;
  • representation of the customer’s interests at the meeting of creditors.
RiskList is a special debt register where creditors can register the debtors late with their payments or do not fulfilling their financial obligations, without transferring these debtors to collection companies.

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