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Reminder service
In case the customer is late with the invoice payment and you think that it is too early to start the collection procedure, we recommend sending to the customer a special Balt Risk reminder letter. The image of Balt Risk trademark on the Latvian market will motivate the debtor to settle his obligations.
The text of the reminder letter includes:
  • precise indication of the debt age and sum;
  • the request to pay the debt immediately;
  • warning to start the collection procedure and entry into the Debt Register in case the payment would not be performed.
In order to receive this Balt Risk service it is necessary: 
  • to sign cooperation agreement;
  • to file an order.
All the other activities will be performed by Balt Risk specialists: 
  • order processing;
  • writing and sending of a registered letter;
  • report about the performed activities.
What is special about Balt Risk reminder?  
  • the payment is requested by a professional and collection agency well-known at the market;
  • the letter is sent on Balt Risk letter form with Balt Risk logo;
  • the letter contains a strict warning about the future debt collection by professionals and credit history record;
  • the letter contains a special stamp with psychologically motivating text;
  • the reminder is sent as a registered letter.
  • for the use of this service you pay a fixed price (no commission);
  • debt amount is not limited;
  • because of the Balt Risk image customer’s payment discipline is improved;
  • convenient, efficient and simple collection procedure.
A/S JELGAVAS GALAS KOMBINATS, Deputy of the Chairman of the Board Inara Grejere
“Reminder service is a very efficient tool for a quick collection of debt.”

Collection application
Here you can send debt collection application.
We remind you, that this service is available only after signing of the contract.

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