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RiskNet is a special credit information portal which gives the possibility in a real time mode to receive wide spectrum of detailed information about each of the customers separately and about the customer portfolio as a whole. RiskNet puts together all the functions and tools necessary for the credit manager in his everyday work – credit histories, customer portfolio monitoring, e-application to collect debt, etc.
Today RiskNet is one of the largest credit information sources on the Latvian market – the quantity of the companies registered there already exceeds one hundred thirty thousands and the number of requests made by the users during the previous year exceeds eight millions. Amount of the information offered is not the only difference of the Portal from the other credit information sources which today exist on the market. It is important that credit information in the Portal is classified according to risk type encountered by the supplier/creditor as a result of delivery on the postponed payment conditions:
Late payment risk. In order to lower this type of risk it is necessary to have the information about the current debts when payment delay is still in its early stage. In this case we offer to the creditor the information from the RiskList Register where creditors are registering the information about their debtors without submitting them to collection companies.
Payment absence risk. In this case timely information insures the creditor against situation when payment from the debtor does not arrive at all. Debt Register unites all the credit information which our company has accumulated during five years of its activity as a result of debt submission for collection to our Credit Control Department. We are proud to say that at present it is the largest debt data base on the Latvian market.
Apart from the two registers mentioned above, RiskNet also allows to receive other interesting information for the evaluation of the debtor, for example:
  • information about the insolvency and liquidation processes;
  • information about capital shares, change of officials, signature rights, etc.;
  • information about cancellation of the VAT payer’s code;
  • information about court processes;
  • company registration data.
Credit history report allows to see all the data mentioned above in one place grouped for each individual customer (company). Information is supplied on request after entry of the registration number or personal code. Credit history allows to minimize credit risk when concluding the transaction.
Another important feature of the RiskNet Portal – user is provided with a set of tools and information for all the customer portfolio management stages. In the frame of RiskNet credit manager is able to perform the following activities:
  • to analyze the structure of the customer portfolio and to follow up the changes which have taken place;
  • to check the credit history of the customer and to define the crediting conditions;
  • to perform regular and uninterrupted monitoring of the customer solvency, to react quickly to the changes taking place and change the crediting conditions accordingly;
  • to order on-line credit reports;
  • to file and electronic application for debt collection;
  • to start automatically the debt collection procedure from the RiskList Register;
  • to register on his own the information about the debts and to collect the debts at the early stage of existence.
RiskList is a special debt register where creditors can register the debtors late with their payments or do not fulfilling their financial obligations, without transferring these debtors to collection companies.

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