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Trade mark
We know what difficulties it is necessary to overcome in order to collect delayed payments and what reaction could be expected from debtors – we collect hundreds of debts each day. We also know how expensive your time and other resources can be. That is why we offer solutions that will help to perform collection quickly and efficiently with minimum time spent. One of these solutions is the stamp with Balt Risk trade mark.
Advantages of the Balt Risk trade mark
When stamp is put on invoice: 
  • Debtor knows that payment term is strictly monitored.
  • Debtor knows that debt collection will be preformed by professionals.
  • The payment discipline of the debtor improves.
When stamp is put on the reminder letter:  
  • Debtor knows that payment is significantly delayed.
  • Debtor is warned that further debt will be transferred for collection to a professional company.
  • Debtor starts to act without further delay.
Balt Risk trade mark is well-known at the Latvian market, and debtors when they receive document with this trade mark react and start to pay!
Which stamp to choose?
During the initial stage of the cooperation when delivery of the goods or services takes place, it makes sense to choose stamp Nr.1.
If the debtor is not in a hurry to pay and delay exists already – choose stamp Nr.2.
What are the advantages of using the stamp with Balt Risk logo? 
  • Balt Risk trade mark is well known at the Latvian market and is an efficient method to motivate the debtor.
  • We take fixed subscription payment for the use of the stamp independent of number of the processed documents.
  • The payment discipline of the customers improves.
ArcaSystems, Assistant to the Head of the Trade Department:
“All the debtors which were sent reminder letters with Balt Risk stamp without delay settled their obligations.”
Legal services
Balt Risk offers wide spectrum of legal services for all stages of cooperation with the debtor.

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